Free stuff brings a lot of excitement! Here’s how to grab them online?

Getting free stuff online needs thorough research and utmost patience as you cannot certainly identify the exact way to get your stuff? Some brands offer freebies to their potential visitors, while some brands require a certain number of frequent visits to their website. Let us first know why do freebies exist?

Many of the brands offer free samples and products in order to let people know about their existence and want them to try and get familiar with it and for potential buyers a chance to try the products before buying. The brands do so with a hope that you’ll return back to them if you like the product and purchase a full-sized version.

Another reason why companies believe in distributing free samples is that they must be needing feedback on their new range of products or are looking forward to growing their social media likes and followers. In return for a freebie, the brands ask them to fill up a questionnaire, signup to the newsletter or like and share their social media handle.

What are the freebies that are up for grab?

Whenever a brand announces free stuff, there is something for everyone. The ones that are up for grab include:

•    Perfume samples
•    Food vouchers offering great discounts
•    Mobile top-up and recharge coupons
•    Accessories for electronic gadgets
•    Gaming top-ups for gaming consoles
•    Gadgets and travel coupons etc.

How to find such free stuff online?

  • A lot of brands involve into this sort of marketing campaign when they announce giveaway deals for their prospective buyers. Under this, a challenge is planned, wherein people have to visit brand’s website and after that visit, their social media handles to like, comment and share the post that includes giveaway challenge. As an acceptance of the challenge, the person has to share that challenge on his social media profile and tag brand’s page to notify them of the acceptance. A few numbers of people from all who have participated will be selected based on some criteria and will be eligible for giveaway prizes.
  • Other than the giveaway challenge, there are many other ways to find these treats online and they are inclusive of signing up to the brand’s email newsletters, entering social media competitions and giveaways, testing panels and completing surveys etc.

For different websites, there are different methods of availing freebies. For a brand ambassador, it’s a process of trying products and posts a review for the brands in return. As a brand ambassador, it's important for you to have time to review their products honestly and this is the way you can increase the chances of being selected again and being eligible for free stuff again.

Last but not the least, you can get freebies and free stuff by earning points. But this process is valid only on the brand’s official website. Every time you visit a website, try liking, commenting and sharing some of its product. Each of this activity will drive some points into your account and once you have earned enough points say 5000 points in your wallet, you are entitled to get your share of free stuff.  the freebies or the free stuff by Blast My Deals might be inclusive of discount coupons on PlayStation, Xbox one, gift cards of shopping sites, PlayStation console etc. what are you waiting for? Grab your deals now!


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